Friday, February 12, 2010


So I woke up this morning with Belle on my abdomen. She's such a beautiful girl! I turned on the tv and began eating chocolate. I don't know why I crave it so much sometimes, but I ate some reeses and some snickers. They were so delicious! So then, I got up eventually and gave Angel her cyclosporine. I feel so bad that I have to give that to her twice a day. But she's such a good girl about it. Then I played some FATE. I really do love that game. My sister called while I was playing so I talked to her for a while and we did Walk Away the Pounds together. It was super fun! Then I started cleaning. I swept the floors in the guest/kitty potty bathroom and the kitty food/potty laundry room. Then I bleached those floors good. It smells fantastic in my house right now. Then I cleaned the pet 360 fountain. That was a very long job disgusting job. In the end, I soaked it in CLR and then cleaned it. Needless to say, my fountain is running great now. I then mopped the floor in the kitchen. It's such a big job. While I was cleaning, I talked to my grandma on the phone. She's so sweet. :)
Then I cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom. It was rather strenuous. Brett was on my computer playing Mass Effect and started coughing really badly. He's now in bed trying to rest while I get dinner made (hooray for tuna helper and garlic bread!).
All the kitties got their nails trimmed and brushed too! So it's been a very productive day. I'm supposed to go over to eagle and ustick later and pick up F.E.A.R. and finally play it. I'm so excited! I just can't wait. Grandma gave me a Valentine's Day present of 20 bucks, so I'm going to spoil myself and spend ten of it on F.E.A.R. Hopefully I'll get my pants scared off! Brett would probably like that even if he is sick! :)
Anyway, time to go stir dinner and start making the garlic/cheesy bread! Hope it wasn't too boring to read! I'm sure it was!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Intro blog

Welcome to my blog! Not much going on lately. This morning I had a surgery tech meeting that lasted two hours. I got home and started picking up a little bit. The kitties got fed some delicious food and the dog got fed too! Then I started some laundry and played a little FATE (soo fun!). Then some guy came over and tried to sell me some meat. It looked really good, but I couldn't afford it since I have like a dollar and 35 cents in my checking account. Brett got home at 3:30 and I was walking out the door to my second meeting of the day, my ER meeting. We exchanged some quick pleasantries, and I went on my way to my meeting that lasted about an hour and a half. I returned home completely ravenous. I had only eaten like two little frozen egg mcmuffin thingies that were in my freezer and that was hours ago. So I made a delicious dinner at around 5:45pm (super early dinner, I must be getting old!). I made Juicy Lucy's (two hamburger patties with cheese in the middle grilled as one burger) chili burgers. It was sooo good. I then had a delicious nap with Brett because we were both completely exhausted from our days. I woke up probably 30 minutes ago so that I could get the kitties their dinner and the dog her dinner. They were very appreciative. So pretty boring day altogether, but /shrug, I do my best!